Wig FAQ’s

Frequently asked questions about WIGS 💖

Q: What’s the difference between CHIC and LAVISH wigs? 
A: Lavish wigs are made with ultra soft fibers and are a little bit lighter weight (but still thicker than your dolls factory hair). Lavish wigs come in a stretch to fit design, and must be pulled onto your dolls head like in our demo video.
CHIC wigs are a slightly heavier weight, with a nice smooth and thick feel. CHIC wigs come in an easy-on design, made with a slightly roomier fit for ease of use by beginners.
Both lines are superior quality designer wigs - many popular doll customizers enjoy using both types of wigs from my shop.  

Q: What size of doll heads do your wigs for 18” dolls fit?  
A: Our wigs for 18” dolls fit dolls with a head circumference of approximately 10.5”-12.25”. 
Depending on your doll, the wig may fit your dolls head differently. Different head molds can vary in size by 1-2”, even dolls of the same size made by the same brand. We do recommend measuring your dolls bald head before purchasing if you aren’t sure of the wig size needed. 
For best results and best final fit, you may wish to securely glue the wig to your dolls head after choosing and testing its position. 

Q: Can you take some “real life” photos for me?
A: All display photos are real life photos taken simply by me - a regular person, on my iPhone, in an indoor light box or outdoors in natural lighting. I am not a professional photographer and I do not edit wig colors after taking the photos. *However* I cannot guarantee you will capture or see the color exactly the same as I do, because the way a color looks to any individual person is affected by *many* factors, mostly due to your lighting. The colors you see may look different if you are viewing the wig indoors, in dim lighting, in unnatural fluorescent lighting, or on a cloudy day. Most of my customers are very happy with the color of their wig.

Q: What is the best way to care for my wig? 
 To brush your wig, brush it carefully with a wire wig brush while spritzing it with water. Brushing any brand of synthetic wig dry, repeatedly over time, will damage the fibers. 
For very small fine curl styles or braided wigs, avoid brushing. Spritz with water and smooth with your fingers, reshape any wild curls with your hands or by wrapping around something small like a pencil. 

Q: Are your wigs heat safe? 
Unless your wig was labeled “Silken” in the title, your wig is heat safe to 350F for normal use. We recommend using heat quickly and sparingly. Just like with real hair, if you leave it on heat for too long, it can damage or burn the fibers. Your wig was designed to be styled and worn in the same way which it was photographed - we don’t recommend trying to drastically change its style and are not responsible for any damage incurred to wig while applying heat. Heat style, at your own risk. 

Q: Can your wigs be put into different styles or updos? 
A: This depends largely on your own skill set and abilities. Our wigs can be styled in various styles including braids and pony tails, and for the more talented stylists, updos. However, keep in mind that a designer quality doll wig is heavier and thicker in weight to give it the luxurious look and feel. This luxurious thickness can make styling these wigs more challenging than it is to style the original factory hair. For pigtails and braids, a zig zag part works best to give you the best look in the back. We don’t do filler hairs because they add too much bulk on an already thick designer wig. 

Q: Will you take my custom wig order?  
We do not accept custom wig orders, however, I love hearing suggestions of what you would like to see in my shop next. 

Q: Can I buy this wig as a gift for my young child? 
Our wigs are a doll crafting supply, and are intended to be applied to the dolls head by an adult. These wigs are *great* for children to play with on the doll, but children will not be able to apply the wig onto the doll by themselves.

 Q: What type of glue do you recommend for gluing a wig securely? 
A: For beginners, I always recommend a craft tacky glue like Aleene’s. This type of glue can wash out easily if you accidentally get it on the hair or on the face of your doll. It will hold adequately for normal play. For a doll for a younger child or that may be played with more roughly, you may want to use something stronger like a clear super glue (gorilla is one of my go-to’s). Just be aware that for using a stronger super glue, it will NOT wash out of the hair or off the face if you accidentally get it somewhere it shouldn’t be. Choose and glue carefully. 

Q: How do you ship your wigs? 
Our wigs are shipped in hairnets, plastic zip lock, inside of a polymailer shipping bag to keep prices as low as possible for you. It is possible that the hair on the wig could be pressed into a position that changes the shape of the hair slihgtly during the shipping process. If that happens, we recommend taking the wig out of the bag, smoothing it, combing it, or restyling it with low heat, as is appropriate for the hair to regain a desirable shape.

Q: Will hair come out of the wig? 
It is normal for your wig to lose only a small amount of fibers upon the first few brushings of the wig. You will not see any visible difference in the wig. This will also happen on original factory hair when you buy a brand new doll, because this is the nature of all wigs that have hair fibers sewn into the head cap. 

Q: What other important information about wigs should I know? 
A: Our wigs are hand sewn together by actual people, not machines. All wigs are made by many, many small hair fibers being sewn strategically into a cloth wig cap. If you pull the fibers up vertically towards the sky, or very far apart to the sides, you may see the cloth wig cap or stitching, or both, and that is to be expected for a wig. Just like you wouldn't put your shirt on inside out and then wonder why you can see the stitching - in the same way you must make sure that you have placed your wig hairs appropriately after putting it on. Our wigs are designed to be worn on the dolls head, displayed in a similar manner as they are photographed.