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Chic Size 21.5cm Wig “Black Ribbon”

Chic Size 21.5cm Wig “Black Ribbon”

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Black Ribbon for smart doll features blackest black. Made with smooth and sleek Kanekelon fibers. Wig only, nothing else is included.

Why you shouldn’t buy this wig:

Wig cap fit info: all wigs offered in the Chic collection are made with a size 8.5” wig cap that is made to accommodate very *minor* variation in dolls head size. We do recommend measuring your dolls *bald* head prior to purchasing. The “Chic” wigs tend to fit the semi real smart doll sculpts perfectly, but for a smaller anime sculpt you may need to add a head cap for proper fit. Chic wigs do not have much stretch and so likely will not accommodate dolls with heads larger than 8.5”. 
For an example of how to measure please message me. These wigs were designed especially to fit smart doll brand and have not been tested or designed for use with other brand dolls. We do not accept returns because the wig didn’t fit your doll, so please, measure your dolls head prior to purchasing.

Our wigs are hand sewn together by humans and not by wig making robots. Wigs are made by many, many small hair fibers being sewn into a cloth wig cap. If you pull the fibers up vertically, or very far apart into pig tails, you may see the cloth wig cap or stitching, or both, and that is to be expected for a wig. Our wigs are designed to be worn on the dolls head, displayed in a similar manner as they are photographed. If you must style the wig in a way which we did not design it for, then you may prefer to buy your wig elsewhere.

Much like the hair on your own head, whether it is your natural hair or also a wig, it is normal for your wig to lose some fibers upon brushing and over the duration of your ownership of the wig. This is the nature of all sewn wigs.

Disclaimer: This wig has a light tan wig cap to minimize the likelihood of staining, but the possibility of staining around the edges still exists due to the nature of the porous vinyl used to make this doll. We recommend not leaving this wig on your doll for an extended period of time, and do encourage use of a silicone head cover to act as a barrier between the vinyl and wig when you feel it may be applicable. We are not responsible if color transfer occurs from the wig to your doll. By ordering our wigs, you accept this risk.

Our wigs are made to fit snugly, in a “stretch fit” design, and in most cases, you will have to pull the wig forcefully onto your dolls head. If this does not sound like a challenge you are ready to tackle, then this wig may not be for you.

Our wigs are shipped in hairnets, plastic zip lock, inside of a polymailer shipping bag to save you money. It is possible that the hair on the wig could be pressed into a position that changes the shape of the hair during the shipping process. If that happens, we recommend taking the wig out of the bag, smoothing it, combing it, or styling it, as is appropriate for the hair to regain a desirable shape.

Our display photos are taken by me - a non- professional photo taker, on my iPhone, usually in my mini indoor light box or outdoors in natural lighting. Thus, the colors you see may look different if you are viewing the wig indoors, in dim lighting, or on a cloudy day. We do not edit wig colors in photos, but cannot guarantee you will capture or see the color exactly the same as we do.

Customs and import taxes
Buyers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply. I’m not responsible for delays due to customs.

Shipping & Returns

Orders typically ship from our store within 3 business days from the date of the order. Due to the highly customized and unique nature of our products, returns are not accepted at this time.

If an item is marked as delivered by the carrier, it is your responsibility to locate the item and no longer the responsibility of Dallas Doll Co.

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