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American Girl Sparkle Eyes “Cocoa Sparkle”

American Girl Sparkle Eyes “Cocoa Sparkle”

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Custom pair of eyes for 18 inch American girl dolls. Cocoa Sparkle is a gorgeous dark brown mix with glitter. These eyes are hand designed and hand made with resin so each individual pair is so slightly unique with its own glitter and Iris pattern, in the colors pictured. Eyelids are a light/medium skin tone - doll model pictured is custom medium skin tone. Works well for light and medium skin tone dolls, and can be easily painted to match other tones. Instructions on insertion and removal are not included, and eye patterns will vary. You will receive one pair of custom eyes in a seashell case, nothing else is included. Color of seashell case may vary. Eye size is 16mm with a 9mm Iris.

These eyes have been tested for proper insertion and removal, however, due to the subjective and sometimes challenging nature of eye swapping, we do not guarantee that you personally will be successful in your eye swap.

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