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“Mermaid Dreams” Soft & Straight

“Mermaid Dreams” Soft & Straight

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Mermaid Dreams features *super noticeably soft* fibers in a dyed ombré of brunette to pink and purple. For bald 18 inch American girl dolls. Wig only.

Please carefully read the following if it is your first time ordering: 

About wigs: 
- Our wigs are hand sewn together by actual people, not machines. All wigs are made by many, many small hair fibers being sewn strategically into a cloth wig cap. If you pull the fibers up vertically towards the sky, or very far apart to the sides, you may see the cloth wig cap or stitching, or both, and that is to be expected for a wig. Just like you wouldn't put your shirt on inside out and then wonder why you can see the stitching - in the same way you must make sure that you have placed your wig hairs appropriately after putting it on. Our wigs are designed to be worn on the dolls head, displayed in a similar manner as they are photographed. 

- It is normal for your wig to lose a small amount of fibers upon the first few brushings of the wig. This will also happen when you buy a brand new doll, because this is the nature of all sewn wigs. If you're going to brush the wig, use a wire wig brush and spritz it with water first for best results. 

- Our wigs are made to fit snugly, in a “stretch fit” design, and in most cases, you will have to pull the wig forcefully onto your dolls head. If we didn't make the wigs to fit snugly, they wouldn't stay on. Be prepared to pull the wig on with some hand strength.

- Our wigs are a doll crafting supply, and are intended to be applied to the dolls head by an adult. These wigs are *great* for children to play with, but children will not be able to apply the wig on the doll by themselves.

About Shipping:
- Our wigs are shipped in hairnets, plastic zip lock, inside of a polymailer shipping bag to keep prices as low as possible for you. It is possible that the hair on the wig could be pressed into a position that changes the shape of the hair slihgtly during the shipping process. If that happens, we recommend taking the wig out of the bag, smoothing it, combing it, or restyling it with low heat, as is appropriate for the hair to regain a desirable shape.
- International customers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply. I'm not responsible for delays due to customs.
- DallasDollCo is not responsible if your mail is stolen from your mailbox after being marked delivered by the carrier. 

About Wig Photos:
All display photos are taken by me - a normal person, on my iPhone, in an indoor light box or outdoors in natural lighting. I do not edit wig colors after taking the photos, but I cannot guarantee you will capture or see the color exactly the same as I do, because the way a color looks to any individual person is affected by many factors. The colors you see may look different if you are viewing the wig indoors, in dim lighting, or on a cloudy day. If you take the wig out and look at it in dim fluorescent kitchen lighting, your eyes are not seeing the colors the same as you would in natural lighting (sorry, indoor fluorescent light isn't natural light). Most of my customers are very happy with the color of their wig. 

About Fit:
Wig cap fit info: all wigs offered in my collection are made with a size 10 inch wig cap that is made to stretch slightly to accommodate some variation in dolls head size, up to  12.5 inches if applied correctly. I do recommend measuring your dolls *bald* head prior to purchasing, especially if you are unsure or swapping a brand that is not AG. For an example of how to measure please message me.
There is a learning curve in wig swapping for beginners, and there will be some minor variation in how wigs fit different dolls because *AG doll heads are not all the same size or shape*. We do not accept returns because the wig didn’t fit your doll, so please, measure your dolls head prior to purchasing.

Shipping & Returns

Orders typically ship from our store within 3 business days from the date of the order. Due to the highly customized and unique nature of our products, returns are not accepted at this time.

If an item is marked as delivered by the carrier, it is your responsibility to locate the item and no longer the responsibility of Dallas Doll Co.

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